Hello Out there!

Hello! Anyone out there who might come across this little blog of mine.
I have had this blog for a while but i decided to to a little cleanse and just erase all my old post and start again. We all need a fresh start sometimes and i guess this is mine.
So i was thinking that maybe a little introduction is in order.
I’m Johanna, and i’m 23 years old well 24 in about 73 days.
I live in Sweden in a suburb in Stockholm.
I work part time in retail and sadly i still live at home.
My parents are divorced so my living arrangements are that i live one month at the time between them.Β I don’t mind that much, they don’t live very far from each other.
I have been living in Brighton for 4 months last summer and I do miss it alot but i’m happy to be back with my friends and family.

To get personal it has not been the easiest couple of years for me, i hadΒ  lot of deaths in the family and a lot of big changes happening pretty much one after the other. So some days i’m fine happy as a lamb and just my regular crazy me, and some days i just can’t be bothered with anything and i just want to lay in bed forever (I know we all feel like that at times).
My goal for now is to just try and find myself again, do the things that makes me happy and feel good, and try to not let work take up all of my time (Since i’m a bit of a workaholic that’s not gonna be easy).

Well that is all about me i can figure out at the moment. But you will be able to read more of me and my very (not very) interesting life on this blog of mine.
Now it’s time for me to actually get dressed and get my butt off to work.

Hope you all will have an great day!
// Hannahjo