Back again.

Hello lovelies!
I know that i have been gone for a while and that is mostly beacouse i have had 3 post in mind that i wanted to write but i’m just not getting anywhere on them.
Plus i have started to work know and even though i only work 6h shifts i’m completely knackered after them.
There is so much new things to to learn and i’m not used to talking english all day long so that makes is a bit mentally exhausting. I have also been feeling really homesick and been a bit down.
But i will be back again now. I do have a shift today at work and then i’m working until friday next week so i have 6 days in a row to work now.  Hahah this weekend i got a feeling that i will only die in my bed after this week is over.

It’s also my Birthday on Thursday not that i will really celebrate it much. I don’t really know anyone here yet plus i’m working on my birthday and the day after. But the good news is that my BFF Elin is coming the 20th and i can’t wait!
I have missed her so much and i will be so happy that she will come to visit me! 😀
But it’s a whole week left until she gets here and that is way to long if you ask me.

Now i really need to finish my breakfast and get ready to get to work .

HannahJo Checking out.xx