Hello lovelies! 

How are you this fine Wednesday? Today I had plans on doing a lot of things, or maybe not things but I had planned on doing some cleaning in the house but sadly I’m currently stuck in my bed and for company i got menstrual cramps… hallelujah this is just what I wanted!

I mean come on why today? And sadly i got no painkillers yet because i have not needed to but any yet, and i got no store close enough for me to be able to go and buy any so now I just gonna lay here in My bed and see if it can pass on it’s own.

It’s really enoying since i’m supposed to go out and celebrate a new friends birthday tonight and in This rate i cant even get to the shower…. but hopefully it Will all feel better soon so i can start getting ready.

Period sucks as and I hate it soooo much!! Now I think I will try and sleep some more and see if the cramps will go away.

Hope all of you will have an amazing day! 

//HannaJo checking out xx


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