Godmorning lovelies!

I’m currently sitting on the bus on my way in to Brighton and it feels like it’s the first day at school for me. I really nervous like really really nervous!
It’s the first day at my new job you see. I will be working in a clothing store and I’m really excited but hahah like I have already written a couple of times I’m super nervous.

Also I can’t remember when I was supposed to be there I forgot to write it down so I might get 1 hour early. But my plan is to get there when they open but call and ask when it was that I was supposed to be there. If I’m early than I can go to a cafe and eat breakfast if I’m right on time than I will just go in.  Well okay now I will have to give the store a call and see if anyone’s there. Wish me good luck and let’s hope this is a job that I will love!

//HannahJo checking out xx


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