Hello lovelies!
Today has so far been so much better than yesterday, You are now reading the posts of a working woman. I now got 2 jobs to keep me busy and i’m so so happy!
I start one of the jobs on monday so that will be exiting!
Also the whole mess with my last paycheck from my old job in sweden is all fixed so i will get the money i’m supposed to get.
The sun is shining and right now everything just feels really good!

Today has not been very eventful, i have cleaned my room, washed some clothes, and done the dishes.
Tonight won’t be very eventful either i will Β probably just make some dinner soon and just read a book and probably watch some youtube videos.

At the moment i’m reading the book ”Outlander” by Diana Gabaldon and i love it so much and it’s pretty difficult for me to put it down.
There is a amazing TV series that actually is on Telly right now that are based on her books series.
I actually saw the first season of the TV series Outlander first and then i showed it to a friend of mine and she had actually read the book so she told me about it.
So the other day i went out and bought it.
You should really read the book or just look at the TVserie both are so good.
But the plus with the tvserie is that you actually get to hear the Scottish accents and the man who plays one of the characters Jamie in the books/TVserie Β are just sooo gorgeous.

Now i’m just gonna go and lay in my bed and continue to read the book and not do much more so i will check in more tomorrow since i’m doing some more things tomorrow….hopefully.

Hope you all have an amazing day!
//HannahJo xx


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