Hello lovelies!
Today has been just a crap crap day  to be honest! So a long blogpost it will just not really not happen today,
I woke up and feel sick again my throat is hurting and my nose is runny, so i have mostly just spent my day in bed reading.
One of the jobs got back to me and i’m so happy about that the only thing is that they can only offer me a part time role for now so right now i’m just waiting to see if the other job will get back to be. If i don’t get that job that is a full time job i will more than happily  take the part time job(it does seem like a lot of fun) But i will need to start looking for another part time job as well so that i can pay all my bills.

But the thing that is honestly making my day into to a crap day is that it seems that it’s something wrong with my last paycheck from my last job in sweden and that i’m getting way to little that i should. So i will now have to try and figure out if something is wrong or what.  And that is honestly just making me very stressed and in a horrible mood.
Ever since i resign it has just been so much trouble and i’m not happy at all with them right now.
But hopefully everything will be fixed, but right now i just feel like i want to crawl back in my bed and just never leave int again beacouse it looks just very grey right now and i honestly don’t want to go back to sweden but i need to find 2 jobs now probably and i just feel  bit stressed out at the moment.

But at least i actually got one job that i really wanted and that makes me really happy.!
(Try to look on the bright side johanna) I can’t help but to feel a little bit homesick right now beacouse i feel kind of lonely right now when things are just going all wrong.
I don’t want to go back beacouse i know i can get this to work but right now i just feel very lonely but it will get better i know so.

Hope you guys are having a better day than me!
// HannahJo


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