Hello lovelies!
Today i thought that i would write and vent a little about the stress you can feel about needing to go to university.
I think for a long long time young adults like me have been feeling a pressure on not going to university or college or whatever it’s called in your country.
I have no idea on what i want to do with my life and then going to school just to have gone to school it just is not an option to me. I have never really been a big fan of school because mostly i just have never read things that interest me except for english really and history. But other than that i was an average student, i passed all off my classes but i did not have the best grades.

When i graduated at 19 i just never felt like i wanted to apply for university. I was 19 and so tired of school and i just had no idea of Β what i wanted to do with my life.
And here i am soon 23 and i still have no clue of what i want to do with my life. And sometimes i can just feel such pressure that i should study and sometimes that i need to study to get anywhere with my life.
I know i’m not alone with feeling like this and i just i think it’s so sad that some people can make us, who made this decision to feel so bad about it.

I have my entire life to figure out what i want to do.
I do have some things that i would like to learn more of, but not that much that i want to spend years in school doing it.
Not everyone chooses the same way in life, like me i could never see myself sitting in an office the entire day, that’s just not me.
I don’t need to earn a lot of money as long as i’m happy with what i’m doing and thinks it’s fun, and of course that i can pay my bills and rent then i will be fine.

For the moment i dont need school in my life to be happy, And i’m not alone so if the people who think otherwise could just try and understand and not be on our case all the time than we could stop spending our energy trying to defend our choice Β not going to university.

I don’t want to feel stressed trying to figure out what i wanna do in my life i want to live for them moment taking things day by day. Β You only live once and you should enjoy it and do things you love.
If that means that going to school is somethings you want to do that brilliant but if it’s not that is brilliant as well.

That’s all my thinking and venting on this subject for now,

HannahJo Checking out xx



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