Good morning lovelies!

Today is an exciting day, you see it’s time for job interview number 3! Whop whop…This one I actually think I would enjoy the most so I hope the interview goes well.

I really really need a job now so that I can buy food and pay my rent next month so I really want to start working.

Thankfully it’s my birthday next month so I will at least get some money from that day.

But yes I’m hoping that the weather today is not a bad omen since it’s raining and very grey, but to be honest it’s England it’s supposed to rain a little. The only thing guess who forgot her umbrella at home this morning….ofc me. Just so typical me really I go around the entire morning thinking it will rain today bring your umbrella and when I actually leave it’s like “oh fudge I forgot my umbrella”!!

Well well at least I have to job interviews today one now and one tonight. I just hope I get one of them so keep your fingers crossed for me!

Checking out for now,

//HannahJo xx


7 thoughts on “Fudge I forget my umbrella!

  1. Aww bless, that’s sounds a lot like me. I always know it’s gonna rain and I always forget my umbrella at home.. 😬🌂 p.s – all the best with your interviews lovely, I’m sure they’ll go really well x

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