Godmorning lovelies!

It’s around 7am and I’m on my way to get my NI-number and after that I will be off on a adventure.

I’m going on a job interview you see, second one here and I do feel a little bit nervous but also pretty chill. It’s a job at a cafe and I did actually work as a barista at a cafe back in Sweden for over  a year so I know the basics when it comes to cafe work.

The only thing is that I’m tired as hell after last night , not that we did the thing we said we would. Instead of going to the bar we ended up taking the buss to Brighton university and walked around in that area. My friend is going to take some courses there in the fall so she wanted to see were it was. When we came back to Churchill square we both realized that both of us had to get up really early the next day and our last normal busses was going to leave so so we went home instead. 

I’m so happy we did because before I finally  could fall asleep the clock was 12pm and today I had go up at 5.30 am. 

So you could say that I’m really tired today. But for the moment the weather is really nice so hopefully it will be a nice sunny day.

I will check in later today with another post about how the interview went.

//HannahJo out xx


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