Hello Lovelies!

I felt like i wanted something new with my blogging as I have started a new life here in England. So my old blog will be gone and from now on i will be writing here instead.
Sadly nothing really interesting has happened today nothing that is worth writing about but i am going to meet up with my friend at 8pm and then i don’t really know what we will do , she was talking about a comedian show at some bar so i think that we will go to that.
Tomorrow i will have sort of a busy day.
Early in the morning at 9.05 am i have my interview to get my NI-number and after that at 10.30 am i have an job interview at a cafe. So the morning will be very hectic but i can handel that.
This weekend was the first time i got to just take it easy in almost 2 weeks time and i did not need to run around a lot. Let me tell you… i got so bored, i need to keep myself busy otherwise i get so bored and i hate that.

Well i need to go and see what i can make for dinner so that i won’t be late( i’m probably going to be late.)

// HannahJo xo



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