Back again.

Hello lovelies!
I know that i have been gone for a while and that is mostly beacouse i have had 3 post in mind that i wanted to write but i’m just not getting anywhere on them.
Plus i have started to work know and even though i only work 6h shifts i’m completely knackered after them.
There is so much new things to to learn and i’m not used to talking english all day long so that makes is a bit mentally exhausting. I have also been feeling really homesick and been a bit down.
But i will be back again now. I do have a shift today at work and then i’m working until friday next week so i have 6 days in a row to work now.  Hahah this weekend i got a feeling that i will only die in my bed after this week is over.

It’s also my Birthday on Thursday not that i will really celebrate it much. I don’t really know anyone here yet plus i’m working on my birthday and the day after. But the good news is that my BFF Elin is coming the 20th and i can’t wait!
I have missed her so much and i will be so happy that she will come to visit me! 😀
But it’s a whole week left until she gets here and that is way to long if you ask me.

Now i really need to finish my breakfast and get ready to get to work .

HannahJo Checking out.xx



Well crap!

Hello lovelies! 

How are you this fine Wednesday? Today I had plans on doing a lot of things, or maybe not things but I had planned on doing some cleaning in the house but sadly I’m currently stuck in my bed and for company i got menstrual cramps… hallelujah this is just what I wanted!

I mean come on why today? And sadly i got no painkillers yet because i have not needed to but any yet, and i got no store close enough for me to be able to go and buy any so now I just gonna lay here in My bed and see if it can pass on it’s own.

It’s really enoying since i’m supposed to go out and celebrate a new friends birthday tonight and in This rate i cant even get to the shower…. but hopefully it Will all feel better soon so i can start getting ready.

Period sucks as and I hate it soooo much!! Now I think I will try and sleep some more and see if the cramps will go away.

Hope all of you will have an amazing day! 

//HannaJo checking out xx

First day at my new job.

Godmorning lovelies!

I’m currently sitting on the bus on my way in to Brighton and it feels like it’s the first day at school for me. I really nervous like really really nervous!
It’s the first day at my new job you see. I will be working in a clothing store and I’m really excited but hahah like I have already written a couple of times I’m super nervous.

Also I can’t remember when I was supposed to be there I forgot to write it down so I might get 1 hour early. But my plan is to get there when they open but call and ask when it was that I was supposed to be there. If I’m early than I can go to a cafe and eat breakfast if I’m right on time than I will just go in.  Well okay now I will have to give the store a call and see if anyone’s there. Wish me good luck and let’s hope this is a job that I will love!

//HannahJo checking out xx

Working woman!

Hello lovelies!
Today has so far been so much better than yesterday, You are now reading the posts of a working woman. I now got 2 jobs to keep me busy and i’m so so happy!
I start one of the jobs on monday so that will be exiting!
Also the whole mess with my last paycheck from my old job in sweden is all fixed so i will get the money i’m supposed to get.
The sun is shining and right now everything just feels really good!

Today has not been very eventful, i have cleaned my room, washed some clothes, and done the dishes.
Tonight won’t be very eventful either i will  probably just make some dinner soon and just read a book and probably watch some youtube videos.

At the moment i’m reading the book ”Outlander” by Diana Gabaldon and i love it so much and it’s pretty difficult for me to put it down.
There is a amazing TV series that actually is on Telly right now that are based on her books series.
I actually saw the first season of the TV series Outlander first and then i showed it to a friend of mine and she had actually read the book so she told me about it.
So the other day i went out and bought it.
You should really read the book or just look at the TVserie both are so good.
But the plus with the tvserie is that you actually get to hear the Scottish accents and the man who plays one of the characters Jamie in the books/TVserie  are just sooo gorgeous.

Now i’m just gonna go and lay in my bed and continue to read the book and not do much more so i will check in more tomorrow since i’m doing some more things tomorrow….hopefully.

Hope you all have an amazing day!
//HannahJo xx

Today i might miss home a little.

Hello lovelies!
Today has been just a crap crap day  to be honest! So a long blogpost it will just not really not happen today,
I woke up and feel sick again my throat is hurting and my nose is runny, so i have mostly just spent my day in bed reading.
One of the jobs got back to me and i’m so happy about that the only thing is that they can only offer me a part time role for now so right now i’m just waiting to see if the other job will get back to be. If i don’t get that job that is a full time job i will more than happily  take the part time job(it does seem like a lot of fun) But i will need to start looking for another part time job as well so that i can pay all my bills.

But the thing that is honestly making my day into to a crap day is that it seems that it’s something wrong with my last paycheck from my last job in sweden and that i’m getting way to little that i should. So i will now have to try and figure out if something is wrong or what.  And that is honestly just making me very stressed and in a horrible mood.
Ever since i resign it has just been so much trouble and i’m not happy at all with them right now.
But hopefully everything will be fixed, but right now i just feel like i want to crawl back in my bed and just never leave int again beacouse it looks just very grey right now and i honestly don’t want to go back to sweden but i need to find 2 jobs now probably and i just feel  bit stressed out at the moment.

But at least i actually got one job that i really wanted and that makes me really happy.!
(Try to look on the bright side johanna) I can’t help but to feel a little bit homesick right now beacouse i feel kind of lonely right now when things are just going all wrong.
I don’t want to go back beacouse i know i can get this to work but right now i just feel very lonely but it will get better i know so.

Hope you guys are having a better day than me!
// HannahJo

University stress

Hello lovelies!
Today i thought that i would write and vent a little about the stress you can feel about needing to go to university.
I think for a long long time young adults like me have been feeling a pressure on not going to university or college or whatever it’s called in your country.
I have no idea on what i want to do with my life and then going to school just to have gone to school it just is not an option to me. I have never really been a big fan of school because mostly i just have never read things that interest me except for english really and history. But other than that i was an average student, i passed all off my classes but i did not have the best grades.

When i graduated at 19 i just never felt like i wanted to apply for university. I was 19 and so tired of school and i just had no idea of  what i wanted to do with my life.
And here i am soon 23 and i still have no clue of what i want to do with my life. And sometimes i can just feel such pressure that i should study and sometimes that i need to study to get anywhere with my life.
I know i’m not alone with feeling like this and i just i think it’s so sad that some people can make us, who made this decision to feel so bad about it.

I have my entire life to figure out what i want to do.
I do have some things that i would like to learn more of, but not that much that i want to spend years in school doing it.
Not everyone chooses the same way in life, like me i could never see myself sitting in an office the entire day, that’s just not me.
I don’t need to earn a lot of money as long as i’m happy with what i’m doing and thinks it’s fun, and of course that i can pay my bills and rent then i will be fine.

For the moment i dont need school in my life to be happy, And i’m not alone so if the people who think otherwise could just try and understand and not be on our case all the time than we could stop spending our energy trying to defend our choice  not going to university.

I don’t want to feel stressed trying to figure out what i wanna do in my life i want to live for them moment taking things day by day.  You only live once and you should enjoy it and do things you love.
If that means that going to school is somethings you want to do that brilliant but if it’s not that is brilliant as well.

That’s all my thinking and venting on this subject for now,

HannahJo Checking out xx


Fudge I forget my umbrella!

Good morning lovelies!

Today is an exciting day, you see it’s time for job interview number 3! Whop whop…This one I actually think I would enjoy the most so I hope the interview goes well.

I really really need a job now so that I can buy food and pay my rent next month so I really want to start working.

Thankfully it’s my birthday next month so I will at least get some money from that day.

But yes I’m hoping that the weather today is not a bad omen since it’s raining and very grey, but to be honest it’s England it’s supposed to rain a little. The only thing guess who forgot her umbrella at home this morning….ofc me. Just so typical me really I go around the entire morning thinking it will rain today bring your umbrella and when I actually leave it’s like “oh fudge I forgot my umbrella”!!

Well well at least I have to job interviews today one now and one tonight. I just hope I get one of them so keep your fingers crossed for me!

Checking out for now,

//HannahJo xx

Late night early morning.

Godmorning lovelies!

It’s around 7am and I’m on my way to get my NI-number and after that I will be off on a adventure.

I’m going on a job interview you see, second one here and I do feel a little bit nervous but also pretty chill. It’s a job at a cafe and I did actually work as a barista at a cafe back in Sweden for over  a year so I know the basics when it comes to cafe work.

The only thing is that I’m tired as hell after last night , not that we did the thing we said we would. Instead of going to the bar we ended up taking the buss to Brighton university and walked around in that area. My friend is going to take some courses there in the fall so she wanted to see were it was. When we came back to Churchill square we both realized that both of us had to get up really early the next day and our last normal busses was going to leave so so we went home instead. 

I’m so happy we did because before I finally  could fall asleep the clock was 12pm and today I had go up at 5.30 am. 

So you could say that I’m really tired today. But for the moment the weather is really nice so hopefully it will be a nice sunny day.

I will check in later today with another post about how the interview went.

//HannahJo out xx

New Country, New city and a New blog.

Hello Lovelies!

I felt like i wanted something new with my blogging as I have started a new life here in England. So my old blog will be gone and from now on i will be writing here instead.
Sadly nothing really interesting has happened today nothing that is worth writing about but i am going to meet up with my friend at 8pm and then i don’t really know what we will do , she was talking about a comedian show at some bar so i think that we will go to that.
Tomorrow i will have sort of a busy day.
Early in the morning at 9.05 am i have my interview to get my NI-number and after that at 10.30 am i have an job interview at a cafe. So the morning will be very hectic but i can handel that.
This weekend was the first time i got to just take it easy in almost 2 weeks time and i did not need to run around a lot. Let me tell you… i got so bored, i need to keep myself busy otherwise i get so bored and i hate that.

Well i need to go and see what i can make for dinner so that i won’t be late( i’m probably going to be late.)

// HannahJo xo